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Episode 7

From 3-DWIs to Six-Figure Income - Jacqueline Colello

About the Episode


Ready to get inspired by a kickass transformation story? Join me for an eye-opening chat with Jacqueline Colello, a mural artist who found her talent and God through sobriety.

Discover how she transitioned to a full-time artist despite facing challenges like three DWIs and losing her driver's license for five years. Living with her mom at 28, she defied the odds to build a successful mural art business.

We dove into the mindset you need for entrepreneurship, how to empower yourself to chase your passion, and the magic of delegating tasks so you can focus on what matters

Jacqueline's journey is a testament to the significance of mindset in entrepreneurship.

Get ready to feel motivated!

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Links Mentioned in this Episode

Colello Creations Website

Explore the artistic world of Colello Creations. Discover unique, handcrafted art pieces and creative projects that blend passion and skill. Visit the Colello Creations website to browse her latest collections and custom works.

Colello Creations on Instagram

Follow Colello Creations on Instagram for a visual journey through her stunning artwork and creative process.

We Clone You

Do you want to have a virtual workforce for you? Click here to know more about the program that helped Gogo to get all her VA’s and was discussed on the episode.


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Welcome to the Gogopreneur Podcast, where award-winning Real Estate Agent and Entrepreneur Gogo Bethke takes you on an exciting journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

Straight from Romania, Gogo came to the United Stated in 2003 to follow her American Dream. She barely knew how to speak English, had a different name (Gyöngyvér) and only $6 in her pocket. Today Gogo is a badass businesswoman with 9 companies (one that’s generated over $2.1B in sales in 2023).

Gogo's journey is more than just a success story - it's about transforming adversities into opportunities and dreams into realities. And now, she shares her wealth of knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs on how to build and manage businesses. But Gogopreneur isn't just about the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of entrepreneurship. We're diving into the 'how-to' of balancing your hustle with your personal life, the importance of mindset, and making time for the people you love. Gogo Bethke is here to help you nail the business game and still have a good time living life!

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