In the first episode of #Gogopreneur, you will see the real ME, through the eyes of my family and friends. From my childhood, being from a small town in Europe, and now having my own empire. You will learn how I handle my #business as a mother and wife. For more information about NATIONAL MORTGAGE HOME LOANS check out the service page.

24 hours, one day of Gogo's life. The life of an entrepreneur means balancing work and personal life. In this episode, Gogo travels to give a speech in Texas and tries to balance it all with family commitments.

Life isn’t about the cards you were handed, it’s about how you play the hand.

In the next episode, Gogo has to deal with unexpected events and make quick decisions to keep going with her business. Like every entrepreneur, she needs to always ask herself about different possibilities and solutions to make it happen.
Stay tuned to see what solutions she came up with!

“I didn’t come to #America to build somebody else’s #dream. I’m NOT hireable.”

In the 4th episode of Gogopreneur, Gogo speaks for the 1st time at an entrepreneurial event (not #realestate). She shared her knowledge about how to leverage and how to work 14 hours in one hour! But what is so special about this episode? Also for the 1st time Gogo’s sister saw her speak on the BIG stage. Or any stage ever! She spent the last 20 years away from her family to build the #americandream!
Stay tune to check our the details of the PRICE she is paying for her DREAMS!!

It can be hard to build a network behide the computer sometimes, so it is importante to have face-to-face meetings.

In this episode Gogo's team got together in a sharing workspace in Tampa to have an amazing meeting. People now are all so used to working from home, that sometimes they forget that face-to-face meeting are important. showing your face to the client and coworkers every once in a while, is key in building those oh so important relationships.

It is like Gogo always say ''it does not matter what kind of business you are in, you are in people business''

In eleven years being an entrepreneur, Gogo realized she needed to have a solid group to advise her on all of her businesses, not just Real Estate. Like investing, CPA, assett planning, tax advising, business planning, book keeping, financial advisor, 401K plans…

This episode Gogo talks to Anderson Advisors, and they give all kinds of tips for entrepreneurs, Real Estate investors, stock traders, and business owners. Anderson Advisors is a Seattle-Las Vegas-based business Planning and Consulting firm with a focus on providing high-quality services. They have all the professionals in house that Gogo needed and hired over 2 years ago.

You might not realize what you need to be set up properly in your businesses and to be protected so you can sleep good at night.

See you in the show…

How did Gogo end up with so many assistants?

Well, you can do anything you set your mind to, but Gogo knows you cannot be absolutely good at everything. A good entrepreneur knows how to delegate. Gogo has learned over the years to how separate the not-making-money activities for her assistants so she could focus on ‘’what really matters’’.

In this episode you will meet some of Gogo’s assistants, you will see how they help Gogo with her multiple companies. From in-person help to online help, it has it all.

Stay tune to see what and how you learn from it.

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