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Episode 2

From Marine Corps to 0.5% Real Estate Team - Will Grimes

About the Episode


Embark on an inspiring journey with us in our second episode of Gogopreneur as I sit down with Will Grimes, a former Marine Corps/Special Forces member turned real estate sensation.

Discover Will's incredible transformation from the battlefield to becoming a top player in the real estate industry. Let's listen to captivating stories of his Marine days and learn how he carved out his success in the business world.

Tune in for a dose of inspiration and valuable insights into resilience and achievement!

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Links Mentioned in this Episode

Will Grimes Website

Explore the professional journey of Will by visiting Will Grimes’ official website.

Will Grimes on Instagram

Follow Will Grimes on Instagram for a glimpse into his daily life, professional endeavors, and motivational content.

Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

Dive into the book suggested by Will. Get your copy on Gogo’s Amazon Store.

Quest Study Bible

Get your copy of Will’s book suggestion on Gogo’s Amazon Store.

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